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Going Back to the Start

I have serious commitment issues when it comes to the ends of my stories. There, I said it. I can start a story with the best of them. I can throw my characters into all manner of unsightly and unpleasant … Continue reading

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Saturday, Sunday, Snapshots

“I’m up, I’m up,” she grumbles to her Saturday morning chores as they mock her cheerfully from their spots in the living room and kitchen. The cats simply stare at her with yellow and green eyes, waiting for her to pull the … Continue reading

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It’s All in My Head

My writing process, should I ever become noteworthy, will be the despair of Literature students everywhere. I know people who live and die by the outline, but outlines are the arch nemesis to my creative process—no good has ever come … Continue reading

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Writing Prompt: Letter to My Past

The Prompt: Write a letter to the you of ten years ago. Ten years ago at this time, I was 18 and rounding the home stretch of my sophomore year of college. (Good lord, does that thought make me feel … Continue reading

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On writing, and the choice I never made

I was a storyteller long before I understood the power inherent in pulling words together to create a world, to manipulate characters, to bring plots and arcs and drama to life on pages. I have been writing since the concept … Continue reading

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